Video Recap

It was an amazing week for the team in Kanawa County. In truth, I think we are all still processing the experience, the people we met, the truths we learned about ourselves, faith, work and what it is to live out Micah 6:8. We undoubtedly have more to say, so stay tuned to this blog …

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“Nothing is Easy”, but why should it be?

from Steve Lanham (Papa Ham) There are very few things that are "easy" to accomplish. If we are honest, the things we are most proud of, probably came about because of hard work. All sorts of cliches come to mind; "Hard work builds character", "Try and try again", and so on. It is safe to …

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Mission 2017: Braxton County, WV

In June of 2016, Braxton County, WV experienced a devastating and deadly flood. The town of Clendenin, WV saw over 35 feet of water, completely devastating roads, businesses and countless homes. Approximately 26 lives were lost in the region. In some cases, towns that were considered remote became completely isolated by roads being washed out, …

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